Garlic Bread

Adonan Sweet Bun

400 gr                    Tepung Protein Tinggi

50 gr                      Gula Pasir

3 gr                         Improver

4 gr                         Garam

7 gr                         Ragi Instant

1 btr                       Telur Utuh

15 gr                      Susu Bubuk

160 gr                    Susu UHT

35 gr                      Unsalted Butter

70 gr                      Es Batu

Cheese Filling

330 gr    Emina Cheese Mild

330 gr    Fresh Milk

50 gr      Gula Pasir


300 gr    Butter

30 gr                      Bawang Putih

2 btr                       Telur

20 gr                      Madu

50 gr                      Susu Kental Manis

15 gr                      Parsley

180 gr                    Emina Cheese Mild

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